What we do

The Finnish Sports Physiotherapist Association (FSPA) was founded in 1979. FSPA is responsible for education, co-ordination and development of sports physiotherapy in Finland.

FSPA organises several sports physiotherapy modules yearly.

Two basic sports physiotherapy modules gets physiotherapists acquinted working with athletes. These modules focus at athletes biomechanical screening, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Advanced modules focus on different areas of musculoskeletal sysytem, such as shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle, knee and ankle. These modules deals with most typical injuries in sports, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

FSPA co-operates with Finnish Olympic Committee creating sports physiotherapist network for the athletes.

Present day

FSPA is today an active association. As an association FSPA adapts to the evolving field of sports physiotherapy by constantly updating our sports physiotherapy modules.

FSPA also has a close co-operation with the Finnish Sports Medicine Association.

We are financially subsidized by the Ministry of Education in Finland.