FSPA is the member for special interest societies in the Finnish Association of Physiotherapists and responsible for developing, organizing and coordinating the training of sports physiotherapists in Finland. The association was founded in 1979. In the field of sports physiotherapy, SUFT organizes approx. 30 module based educations. FSPA organizes a major international sports physiotherapy congress every year, featuring internationally acclaimed speakers from both Finland and the world.

The aim of the association is to develop the professional skills of physiotherapists to work with athletes through hands-on training. In addition, the association aims to provide information on sports physiotherapy and to create cooperation networks with other parties involved in sports.

Participation in FSPA’s education and training modules is a one important criteria when applying for the professional title Certified Sports Physiotherapist.

The sports physiotherapist is an important member of the athlete’s background team, along with coaches, doctors and other experts.

Skilled sports physiotherapists are employed e.g. sports federations, clubs, sports academies and the public and private sectors.