SUFT Kongressi 2021: Webinaarisarja

“The athlete’s pain: what we know and why we should embrace it”

Speakers: Dr Kieran O’Sullivan (Ire) and Dr Benjamin Smith (UK)

Time: 25.5.2021 17.00-19.00 Finnish time (16.00-18.00 CEST/Central European Summer Time)

Webinar application: Zoom

“If this is hurting, should I really be doing this?”

Kieran O’Sullivan and Dr Ben Smith will use case studies to illustrate how imaging can be both a help and a hindrance in athlete rehabilitation.

They will also discuss that there might be some additional advantages when exercise is painful – over and above pain-free, with the importance of monitoring and progressing physical load/rehabilitation sensibly, without leading to hypervigilance.

Language: English

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