Framing the injury to maximise patient outcome success – how we talk and what we do to optimise pink flags

Speakers: Tasha Stanton (AUS) and Ebonie Rio (AUS)

Webinar application: Zoom

What do you do when someone brings in their imaging results? The words we use as clinicians and what people read are incredibly powerful and frame what our patients think may be wrong with them and thus, what they need to do. We will work through how to incorporate evidence-based research as well as pain science into your everyday language to allow you to focus on an individual’s positive prognostic indicators for recovery (pink flags). The focus will be on – framing their injury, framing any flare-ups, framing recovery and framing pain contributions. Want to know more about pink flags? This workshop is for you!

Language: English

Hinta: 55€/35€ (Huom! yksittäistallenne)

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